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The Jewel of Gear Lever Locks

Biggest Manufacturers and designers of Gearlocks in SA

Spare Wheel Lock manufacturer, exporter and supplier Universal Spare Wheel Lock for outside mounted spare wheels Indispensable Universal Spare Wheel and Tyre Theft Protection for Every Car, SUV, 4X4, ATV, Trailer and trucks. OE Installed &ac

Newly designed and patented sliding push lock - easy installation without removing console. No drilling required. Unique wafer cylinder, totally unpickable, within internationally accepted U/L standards. Model number: DSL12

Improved Smaller Top Entry Gearlock The body and the shackle has been carefully manufactured to withstand all forms of attack. Made of special hard steel to ensure the lock and shackle cannot be penetrated by any chisel or steel saw. The cylinder

Proven Internal Pin Lock Has been used extensively as an OE component by Motor Manufacturers. Unique wafer cylinder totally unpickable within internationally accepted U/L standards. The bolt locks easily into an inpenetrable hardened steel

Newly designed Internal Push Lock for the following models: VW Golf 1 M76 (PL) VW polo cl; playa M03;04 (P/L) Honda Jazz M03 (P/L) Nissan Micra 1400 M04 (P/L) Mazda 3 all M04 (P/L) VW Jetta; Golf 5 all M04 (P/L) Toyota Hilux 4x4 200

Universal Bracket Kits/Internal Pin Locks available for various different models. Model availability on request. Other prebent Brackets for easy installation available for specific High Risk Vehicles: Golf - Jetta Ford - Mazda I/Tonner Is

This is a revolutionary idea as it is a Dual Purpose Lock. It secures your Caravan or Trailer in the On and Off position of your vehicle. This lock is adapted to fit any type of TOW-HITCH (Caravan, Trailers and Boats). The keyhole is protected wit


No fitment required due to the unique design Stop the trailer wheels from turning, therefore makes the trailer inoperable when locked The lock also provide security as the locked wheel cannot be stolen If two locks are fitted you will secure